How to make kratom tea?

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Kratom is an indigenous evergreen tree. It has a variety of applications and effects, depending on the user’s objective and the strain used. Native Americans chewed, dried, and smoked the leaves. However, the most popular and favored approach nowadays is to dry the leaves and grind them into powder. Users will then eat this powder by “tossing and washing.” some people find this procedure harsh and powdery. This, however, is not the only method to consume kratom. As a result, many users choose to make kratom powder into tea for a more pleasurable experience.

How do you make kratom tea at home?

Taking kratom as tea does give a better experience than taking it and then washing it down with water. This procedure may not be the most time-efficient, as the “toss and wash” method is. When prepared properly, the taste of this tea may be equivalent to that of a strong green tea.

Remember these points

Before we go into how to brew kratom tea, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

• The chemical characteristics of kratom may be altered by boiling water. Thus, its effects are jeopardized. So, do not immediately boil the kratom powder in the saucepan, and do not use hot water from a kettle. To get the desired temperature, heat the water just until it is slightly below the boiling point.

• You may also boil water and let it cool somewhat before adding it to the kratom.

 • No matter how you choose to take kratom, it is critical that you stay to the recommended dose. In general, the appropriate dose for you is determined by your health, age, and other personal characteristics. However, the typical kratom serving size is 2.4 grams or 1 teaspoon. Begin slowly for novices. To ensure accuracy, use a scale rather than spoons when measuring kratom powder. Using additional water results in a kratom tea with a lesser taste. We suggest the previously indicated dose for the greatest outcomes. An acidic component, such as apple cider vinegar or lemon, may help to buffer the process that breaks down the alkaloid chemicals in kratom. As an added plus, it has a pleasant flavor.

Is it true that boiling kratom makes it stronger?

No. Boiling hot water might degrade the chemical characteristics of your kratom. This is why most people believe that boiling is the ideal method for brewing kratom tea.

This might be tough if you are not a culinary expert. As you can see, boiling happens at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, while simmering occurs at 180 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply looking at the bubbles may serve as a guide. A simmer is anything little, gradual, and delicate. A boil, on the other hand, is defined by powerful, rolling, and consistent bubbles.


It is easy, effective, and handy to make kratom tea at home. While tea requires more preparation than any other way of eating kratom, it tastes better than drinking kratom in powder form.

You may also experiment with various kratom strains in your tea. You obtain the desired results, however, be sure to only buy high-quality items from recognized vendors. If you are wondering what kratom to use and from where you can buy kratom wholesale go no further than our quality kratom powders at